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Adidas Carbonbraid 2.0


Adidas Carbonbraid 2.0

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Introducing the ultimate stick from the adidas range. After being released last year, the revolutionary Carbonbraid has emerged as one of the superior sticks available on the market. For 2016, the Carbonbraid features a more stealth design with a primary black feature and orange detailing. The result in an exceptional looking stick which doesn't dissappoint on performance either.

100% Carbon

The entire outer layers has been braided. The result is an exceptional feel and ultimate power when striking. 

The 100% carbon composite increases the stiffness relative to the weight, resulting in nearly no loss of energy when striking. This allows the player to gain more power and strike more efficiently. 

The new INNER CORE developed by adidas, only features in the carbonbraid stick. This new core provides maximised cushioning and minimised vibrations allowing the player to feel as comfortable as possible when playing.

The stick meets FIH standards and is therefore rule compliant.

The Carbonbraid also features the TOUCH COMPUND found on premium adidas sticks. This compound is placed at the head of the stick and supports the contact patch providing better accuracy and more control.

Reinforced impact areas have been added to improve durability. Adigrip combines traditional PU with a chamois like touch, this provide superior feel in all conditions.

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